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FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE COME TO THIS PAGE:   Thank you…Obviously you are looking for a driving school for your son or daughter and in some cases for yourself. Today we find many adults also taking drivers education  for the first time to become first time drivers. You have found the right school. Why do I say that?….

Because of my passion for what I do. I have been in the field for over 30 years. I have been the Keynote speaker in Virginia at their annual Drivers Education Conference for several years. I am certified and also teach for the National Safety Council and have since the 80′s. 

MY PASSION:  Nothing is more fulfilling than to do what you truly enjoy! My students become my children ( so to speak) and I want only the best education regarding safe driving techniques and the ability to DRIVE SMART! Many people can drive, however Driving Smart is the only way to insure ones safety and the safety of their passengers and other users of our roadways.

Today in this selfish….I, I, Me, Me world many disregard safety measures to drive correctly. Distraction is now one of the main causes of accidents. Giving the students the information from some 25 + years of experience in teaching this subject is rewarding, informative and entertaining. Nothing is worse than being taught by a boring instructor. That I am not…and neither are the members of my staff. I am very selective when it comes to that. I want the student to GET IT and drive smart.

All students 19 years of age or younger are required to bring a parent or adult representative for the orientation. All students have to attend as part of the hours required for drivers ed. I have a conscious and refuse to hurry and get a student finished if the skill level is not what it should be to be able to successfully complete drivers ed. Some schools don’t consider that.

My Orientation is a must see! So consider!… you have made the right choice. There are driving schools out there, some better than others. Ask anyone who has attended Perry Hall Driving School for feedback. Again I Thank you…Ms. georgie


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