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This is the course all “new” drivers must take in order to obtain a Maryland Driver’s license. The Maryland Graduated Licensing System Law mandates new drivers, regardless of age, must receive thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction and six (6) hours of behind the wheel instruction

Classroom: The thirty hours of classroom’s many instruction topics include basic operational controls of vehicles, how to navigate intersections, driving techniques, basic maneuvers, traffic control devices, defensive driving, rules of the road, alcohol and driving education, various driving environments, dealing with road rage, bad weather conditions, how to deal with emergencies and many of the aspects of teaching safe driving. To pass the class portion of the driver education course, each student must attend all 30 hours of class, participate in class, respect the property of the school and others attending the program, have a grade of 80 on each test plus the final.

Behind the Wheel
There are 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction. In-car skills that we hope to cover are the basic maneuvers in a safe environment, sharing the road with other types of vehicles, basic maneuvers in more challenging environments, speed control, space management, lane changing, expressway driving, city/country driving, parking techniques, and test preparation. To pass the 6 hours of behind the wheel driver education a student needs to complete all six hours and pass the performance criteria for each lesson. We offer these lessons in 4 - (90) minute sessions. The student will drive one-on-one with our highly qualified driving instructors.

Once the student has completed both the classroom and the behind the wheel segments satisfactorily and in accordance with the standards approved by the Maryland Driver Education Program, PERRY HALL DRIVING SCHOOL, INC. will enter the student completion information electronically to the MVA directly. There is no certificate given!

Student Orientation
We require that the student must attend orientation with a parent or adult representative. Perry Hall Driving School recognizes the parent's part in the licensing process. Ms. Georgie's orientations are a REAL eye opener. Most schools do not require a parent/student orientation. Ms. Georgie, owner, knows that a lot of responsibility for getting the student ready to drive takes patience, discipline, and time. Our orientations are done on the first date of class and last 1.5 hours. The parent gets a better perspective on just how serious teaching their child to drive can be and what their part involves. We accept Visa, Master and Discover card, cash, check or money order for Drivers Education. Students can not schedule drive time until they have done the classroom part of the program. Student accounts must be paid in full before they can schedule drive time. We will give you a reminder call. Click here to register online.